K. Toth and J. Herrington, Carytown/Richmond

Author: Mock Webware |

Anna was recommended to us as we were looking for a designer to work with us to achieve our wishes for a very contemporary look in our newly constructed house. Working with Anna has been beyond our expectations. Anna met with us to hear our ideas for this comprehensive design project. Anna quickly understood our wishes and went to work. In a very short time she presented us with awesome proposals for each room.

This included unique wall treatments, custom tile, rugs, furniture, lighting, upholstery, and paint colors. Her design proposals were well developed and have created a unique contemporary environment beyond what we could have imagined. Throughout the process Anna has been cheerful, witty, approachable, understanding, and collaborative.

Her knowledge of various vendors creating in our design concept is exceptional. Anna follows through with the vendors at all stages of the process thus relieving the client of any extra work. We could not wish for a better experience. We highly recommend Anna and look forward to our continued work with her over the years. She is simply one of the very best!